Coriander wholesale from 100 to 1000 metric tons

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Russia, Rostov region, Orlovsky settlement, Komsomolskaya str.

Upon request RUR / MT (EXW Orlovsky, Rostov region)


Coriander, whole seeds, round, ~4 mm


Light brown, golden brown


Current year


No more than 4%

Min. order volume:

100 MT (less upon agreement)

Max. order volume:

1000 MT (more upon agreement)

Delivery conditions:

EXW, Orlovsky,

FOB, Novorossijsk, Azov price upon request


The producing company Soyuz Agro, LLC is glad to offer whole coriander seeds, current year.


Currently more than 1000 metric tons are available at the storage facilities.


The seeds have the following specs:

- purity 96%;

- large in diameter and round in shape, screening is carried out twice for 4 mm;

- light brown, golden brown color.

Product Details

Traditional (organic) way of growing, combined harvesting with drying is carried out.


The seeds can be used as a spice, for coriander oil production or an added ingredient in foods or recipes.


Minimum order volume is 100 MT. Smaller volumes shall be discussed.

The price is provided upon request per MT under EXW, INCOTERMS 2010.


The storage facilities are situated in Orlovsky settlement (200 km from Rostov, 500 km from Novorossiysk Sea Port). There is a railroad terminal «Dvoynaya» and a pack-house near the storage facilities. Trucks can be used for bulk transportation as well.

Summary Table


Coriander, current year (whole seeds, round, large, light brown, golden brown)


Russian (Rostov region, Orlovsky district)


Impurities less 4%, certification upon request, preliminary lab studies are carried out

Volumes available

1000 MT (metric tons) in bulk, any packaging ++price

Delivery terms and conditions

EXW (ex-works), Orlovsky settlement of Rostov region, INCOTERMS 2010, FOB under agreement

Payment terms

LC from a known bank, TT, direct transfer to the seller's account, cash, any other under agreement


Upon request under EXW (Orlovsky settlement, Rostov region)

We are building long-terms cooperation so we are ready to discuss every point of the offer individually.

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