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Found in 2005, uniting several companies with more than 25-year history


Orlovsky settlement of Rostov Region, Russia


Up to 5 million USD year turnover


Main products:


Fresh wheat, barley, linseed, sunflower, flax, coriander, beef, pork and lamb meat, milk, premium flour


More than 120 qualified employees


More than 14 thous. hectares of croplands with huge expansion potential


More than 40 farming vehicles


Laboratory for express quality analysis


Garage with equipment for vehicles maintenance and advanced repair


Flour mill works, 8 tons per day


5 storage facilities for storing up to 18 thous. tons of grains


Private railway terminal of 8 wagons capacity with a pack-house

Company Profile

Our company has been recently listed in the Russian State Exporters Catalogue and official government Exporter Lists. Information about our company can be found at the Russian Tax Ministry Register by the number of our license – 1056126001799 proving a 10-year history of successful operation. Any other documents are sent under a corresponding request.


We used to work within Russia only, cooperating with wholesale customers from Rostov, Tambov, Ivanovo, Krasnodar regions but the recent challenges our country has to face, force us to look for international presence.


Therefore, being among major producers of wheat and other grains and spices in Orlovsky district of Rostov region of Russia, we are looking for partners outside of Russia, who are capable and willing to purchase large to medium volumes of grains, meat, spices and other agricultural products directly from the producer with no middlemen involved.


We are open as well for any joint projects in Rostov region as Your international experience and financing combined with our expertise and knowledge of business and governmental peculiarities of Russia will be to our mutual benefit. Just let us know your ideas and offers.


Best regards,


Business Development Director


Mr Dmitriy Panasenko


+7 926 686 26 92

rostovagrorussia (at)

Agricultural products from Russia directly from the producer.

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Soyuz Agro, LLC - crops growing and wholesale: wheat, barley, linseed, rapeseed, sunflower, coriander. Meat and milk production. Farming and harvesting vehicles, bulk playground close to the railway station Dvoynaya, storage facilities for grains in Orlovsky settlement of Rostov region. Any information over the website shall not be treated as business proposal in terms of the Law.

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International Business Development


Mr Dmitriy Panasenko


+7 926 686 26 92

rostovagrorussia (at)

skype: soyuz.agro